Rhodes Edge Inc. provides robust solutions and services to increase security, awareness, and the ability to identify vulnerabilities and fraud both within your organization and from outside entities. By expertly accessing and analyzing a multitude of official, primary source, and social media data sources, Rhodes Edge provides a complete picture of a person, business, or entity leading to better decision making through increased awareness and knowledge.

A Small Woman and Minority Owned (SWaM) certified company, Rhodes Edge is committed to providing standard and customized solutions for the various investigative, verification, and credentialing needs of our clients.

Core Capabilities

With our experience and access to the multitude of unlinked data sets available but not easy to access and search, we bring the data to you. We compile the diverse data, creating greater meaning and ease of use for direct application by our clients to their needs.

Rhodes Edge Differentiators

  • Experienced with government, private sector and technical backgrounds
  • Access to a wide array of data sources through automated and manual methods ensuring the most efficient and widest coverage possible worldwide.
  • Applying current Information Technology methods for gathering and giving meaning to available data and information
Dawn Young
Dawn leads the Rhodes Edge team and overall company function. She has led multiple business ventures and has extensive experience in the insurance industry and dispute resolution. Dawn also holds a PI license in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Greg Seitz
Gregg focuses on business and product development managing overall cohesiveness of the Rhodes Edge team, supporting all aspects of operations and development. He is a noted analytics expert with past leadership roles in major litigation companies and experience with some of the world’s largest and significant data projects.
Peter Chalk
Director of Insider Threat Technology
Dr. Chalk advises Rhodes Edge on current international threats and how best to thwart them. He is additionally an adjunct senior analyst with the RAND Corporation, associate editor of Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, one of the foremost journals in the international security field, is a subject matter expert on maritime security with the Naval Postgraduate School, and is a contractor for organizations providing professional executive education to security and government officials around the world. Past experience includes assistant professor of politics at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, and postdoctoral fellow in the Strategic and Defense Studies Centre of the Australian National University, Canberra. He earned his Ph.D. in political science and is author of numerous publications and books on various aspects of low-intensity conflict in the contemporary world.
John Eck
Director of Operations
John oversees all aspects of Rhodes Edge’s contract management. He maintains the integrity of our project management process by ensuring that projects are adequately resourced and completed on time, while managing client expectations and performing quality control checks on all of our work before delivery. John has an Engineering Degree and is a certified Facility Security Officer. He is experienced in the management of highly visible, multiple complex domestic and overseas projects.
Grif Barhight
Director of Sales – Western Division
Grif oversees the Western sales team for Rhodes Edge in Denver, Colorado. He is an accomplished leader with experience motivating teams, and developing solutions to meet individual and organization objectives. He builds rapport with clients to establish common vision and work towards an optimal solution for all parties. Grif is a member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce.
Robert Roach
Chief Technology Officer
Rob overseas the all IT aspects within Rhodes Edge. He has a BS Degree in Aeronautical Science and is Cisco CNNA certified. He has 25 years of scalable software design and effective project management expertise. Among the many technologies, methodologies and applications Rob brings to the organization are Ruby-on-Rails (Web application Framework), Rest APIs (mobile applications), Docker (containerization technology), Amazon Web Services (Cloud infrastructure), DEVOPS (development and operations management), and programmable infrastructure. Previously Rob has managed, designed and developed a consumer loyalty application consisting of iOS, Android and Rails backend API server servicing 250,000 individual users and 600 merchants.